Develop and Implement New Options for Communicating with Customers



All state websites must be compliant with AB 434 by December 31, 2019. 

Pilot Text Messaging

Expand text messaging pilot project to encompass statewide text messaging capabilities between case workers and customers. 

Mobile Responsive Customer Connect

Add improved functionality, customer requested features and mobile responsiveness to Customer Connect. 


Mobile Responsive Website Launch

Redesign public website to be mobile responsive, meet plain language standards, comply with the Dymally-Alatorre Bilingual Services Act, and implement Google Analytics.


  • The ongoing process of ADA accessibility compliance is going well and our digital and print content is more accessible than ever. 
  • Migration to new WordPress based public website allows for built in accessibility features such as font & brightness customization, alt-text for images, etc. 
  • Document remediation contract in process and will have the top 150 most downloaded documents fully accessible and available on public website by 12/31/20219. 
  • Discussions underway to determine how to maintain continual department wide accessibility compliance. 
  • EXPECTED COMPLETION DATE- December 31, 2019
Pilot Text Messaging

  • An interactive text messaging pilot program performed very well and steps are now being taken to launch a statewide text program. 
  • Customers will be able to engage in information gathering in real time (without an internet connection) by texting a child support professional near them. 
  • Key positive outcomes identified during the pilot were increased efficiencies pertaining to casework functions, high levels of customer satisfaction, and increased communication with current customers.


Mobile Responsive Customer Connect
  • Platform was underutilized by participants because it couldn’t be viewed easily on mobile devices.
  • A team from the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department worked with designers and developers from the California Department of Child Support Services in a two-week sprint to envision and create the upgraded platform.
  • New user-friendly functionality allows participants to view and print their own payment history and the option for electronic delivery of all forms.
  • COMPLETION DATE- May 19, 2019
Mobile Responsive Website Launch

  • Utilized website analytics from existing site traffic to create and layout new public website. 
  • Market research from a previous branding project helped with the new site’s design, as the team replaced images of children, parents, and caseworkers with emotionally neutral California landscapes, which added intimacy by being instantly recognizable to locals.
  • Close collaboration between Systems Support, Enterprise Architecture, Website Administration, and Web Publishing was vial for the new public website launch.
  • Verbiage and site navigation was redesigned for new visitors who might not yet know if they are a custodial or noncustodial
  • Discarded outdated information, moved old records to internal resource applications, and shifted the new site’s focus toward being a resource for information-seeking parents with or without an existing case.
  • In an effort to reach more customers, we have enabled the Google Translate feature for our public website.
  • Works great for mobile users and allows for the selection of over 50 languages for to choose from. 
  • COMPLETION DATE- May 20, 2019