Develop and Implement New Options for Communicating with Customers


e-Review and Adjustment

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Increase communication methods to provide diverse options for engagement and make it easier for participants navigating the child support program.

Business Problem/Opportunity: The Review and Adjustment process is a critical juncture in case management where the goal is to obtain an order that is appropriate for the parties based on their accurately reported financial circumstances, ensure compliance with the order, and obtain timely support for families. The exchange of documents between the participants and the local child support agency is time sensitive to ensure child support professionals operate within mandated timeframes. The current process is cumbersome, requiring the parties to submit, often multiple times, extensive income, asset and expense information via the exchange of paper documents.

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Business Outcomes:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and ease in providing information related to the modification process
  • More timely information received from participants about current circumstances
  • Decrease printing and postage costs

Critical Success Factors:

  • Decrease in the length of time for the return of Review and Adjustment documents
  • Decrease in timeline for review of Review and Adjustment documents
  • Improve customer service