Reduce the Complexity of the Customer Experience


Introduce Texting for Customer Service

Implement texting to improve the customer service

Business Problem/Opportunity: Implemented a statewide text messaging solution to increase accessibility and communication with county and regional child support agencies.

Current Status: 100% completed

Business Outcomes: Improved communication between county and regional child support agencies and child support participants. Increased efficiency and speed of the child support case process, and enabled faster response rates for customers.

Critical Success Factors: Child support participants are using text messaging and are satisfied with the service, increase in customer service, faster responses from county and regional offices.

Simplify Applications

Simplify, reduce, and streamline the child support application process to make applying for services easier

Business Problem/Opportunity: Make the child support application process simpler and more efficient, and make it easier and faster for participants to fill out.

Current Status: On hold