Promote Consistency of Processes Statewide


Improve Collaboration between California Child Support Services and Local Child Support Agencies

Collaborate with local child support agencies to determine best practices for child support financial case management to promote statewide consistency through policies and procedure

Current Status: Scheduled for early 2020. 

Business Outcomes: Recruit, on-board, and train Child Support Finance unit staff.

Implement short-term interim fixes and long-term system changes.

Improve collaboration on financial case management to identify and implement best practices consistently statewide.

Transition to Learning Management System

Transition into a modern day electronic learning management system to develop training to local child support agencies statewide

Business Problem/Opportunity: Implement Blackboard Learning Management System.

Current Status: Scheduled for early 2020.

Business Outcomes: Blackboard Learning Management System implementation begun at California Child Support Services headquarters in April, with rolling launch across divisions. Launch for local child support agencies delayed by COVID-19 until further notice.

Develop Statewide Training

Develop a comprehensive statewide training program for all local child support agencies

Business Problem/Opportunity: Core Curriculum Development Project.

Current Status: Green circle indicating task has started Scheduled for early 2020. 

Business Objectives: Develop and provide oversight for the Core Curriculum Development Project to provide consistent training statewide, develop a comprehensive curriculum of procedures and system training, as well as soft skills, for all new child support staff.

Consolidate Budget Information Systems


Implement technology that assists local child support agencies in reporting budget information into one system to improve efficiency and consistency

Business Problem/Opportunity: Implement Budget and Expenditure Claiming Application.

Current Status:  Tasks begun in 2019. 

Amend regulations to improve efficiency

Amend Regulations to Improve Efficiency

Business Problem/Opportunity: Review real property liens.

Current Status:  Tasks begun in 2019. 

Business Outcomes: Statewide consistency for the generation and release of real property liens to improve the effectiveness of enforcement and reduce the burden placed on the parent paying support and local child support agencies to release multiple liens.