Modernize the Development and Delivery of Documents


Expedite Document Creation

Explore the ability to create documents more efficiently and integrate e-delivery, e-signature, and interactive forms

Business Problem/Opportunity: Add electronic signature of documents signed by oppsoing parties, such as stipulations, to Child Support Enforcement system. Develop process to fully utilize the DocuSign software.

Current Status: 86% completed 

Business Outcomes: Expand the electronic delivery of documents to stakeholders, interface partners, and participants. Leverage existing DocuSign envelope capacity to enhance the child support enforcement program participant experience by decreasing the burden and time commitment to establish or modify an order.

Critical Success Factors: Allow all counties with electronic filing capability to e-file documents to shorten time frame of establishing and modifying child support orders. Create forms to reduce errors, save time, and to pursue electronic signature for customer facing documents. Go paperless except for legal documents and allow all participants to opt-in with email only.

Interstate Case Management Revised Regulations

Promulgate revised Uniform Interstate Family Support Act 2008 regulations

Business Problem/Opportunity: Put law into effect and widely promote revised Uniform Interstate Family Support Act 2008 regulations.

Current Status: 92% completed 

Business Outcomes: Ensure California is in compliance with federal mandate to enact the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act 2008.

Critical Success Factors: Through training, local child support agencies are prepared for case handling under changed law.