Increase Child Support Collections and Payment Reliability


Address New Hire Reporting

Obtain reliable financial information through the New Hire Reporting process

Business Problem/Opportunity: Third party vendor, Stellarware, was hired to manage New Employee Registry reporting compliance and accuracy, and to obtain employment and location information for parents ordered to pay support, thereby increasing collections to families via Income Withholding Orders.

Current Status: 100% completed

Business Outcomes:

  • Compliance with New Employee Registry reporting requirements and accuracy of data will increase
  • Employment will be reported for more parents ordered to pay support
  • More Income Withholding Orders will be generated and collections to families will increase

Critical Success Factors: Due to statewide budget cuts resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, contract with Stellarware ended.

Re-examine Compromise of Arrears Program

Re-examine the "Compromise of Arrears" debt reduction program to increase usability by customers and local child support agencies

Business Problem/Opportunity: Perform system enhancements to the Compromise of Arrears Program to improve business processes.

Current Status:  63% completed 

Business Outcomes: Identify qualifications for Compromise of Arrears Program, and develop a process to increase usability by child support participants.

Critical Success Factors: Increase in usability by customers and local child support agencies.