Implement Organization and Program Efficiencies


Develop Process for Measuring Project Benefits

Develop a process to track project success using data and statistics

Business Project: Measure project benefits.

Current Status: Scheduled for early 2020. 

Business Outcomes: Require quarterly return on investment statistics to be tracked and communicated once the Change Request has been implemented.

Explore Title Agency Registry Access

Explore Title Agency Registry Access

Business Problem/Opportunity: Explore Title Agency Registry Access.

Current Status: Failed.

Business Outcomes: The efforts to explore a statewide child support lien registry failed due to the lack of buy-in.

Revise Case Closure Regulations

Revise Case Closure regulations and system processes to comport with the Federal Final Rule regulations

Business Problem/Opportunity: R Case Closure Regulations.

Current Status: Scheduled to begin in late 2020 or early 2021.

Business Outcomes: Regulations included on the December 2020 Rulemaking Calendar.

Program Monitoring and Compliance is conducting reviews of all closure reasons and criteria to inform the design and development of this change request.

Develop E-Submission for Litigants

Develop electronic submission of child support order information for litigants who are not in the child support system directly to statewide Child Support Case Registry

Business Problem/Opportunity: Develop electronic submission for litigants.

Current Status: Scheduled for early 2020. 

Business Outcomes: Local child support agency submission consists of developing an electronic submission of FL-191 case registry information from litigants directly to California Child Support Services.

Pending change Request for required system changes.

Address Outdated Business Applications

Review and potentially replace outdated computer related business applications

Business Problem/Opportunity: Replacement of the Complaint Resolution Tracking System and other related business applications.

Current Status: Scheduled for early 2020. 

Business Outcomes: Technology Services Division to begin work on this Change Request for Fall 2020.

State Hearing Office System and Complaint Resolution Tracking System to be combined into one application – Complaint Resolution and State Hearing System – and will integrate with Child Support Enforcement.

Explore Amending Court Order Rules

Explore amending the rules surrounding the calculation of child support and establishing a court order

Business Problem/Opportunity: Guideline and Establishment.

Current Status: Scheduled for early 2020. 

Business Outcomes: Explore amending statutes and regulations related to California’s guideline formula and IV-Directors establishment processes to ensure orders are set according to a parent’s ability to pay and provide clarity regarding the use of imputed income, pending legislation.

Provide Assistance to Users with Technology Systems

Seek a streamlined password management system to assist in easier access to various systems while maintaining a required level of security

Business Problem/Opportunity: Password manager.

Current Status:  Scheduled to begin in late 2020 or early 2021. 

Develop Legal Reference Guide

Develop a legal reference guide for child support attorneys to assist in statewide consistency and best practices

Business Problem/Opportunity: Establish legal reference guide.

Current Status:  Tasks begun in 2019. 

Business Outcomes: Ongoing drafting, review, approval, and publication of the sections of the guide

Rebuild Child Support System

Rebuild the child support system into smaller components for added flexibility to future upgrades

Business Problem/Opportunity: Child Support Enforcement Code Repackaging

Current Status:  Tasks begun in 2019. 

Business Outcomes: Initiate first phase with the Project Approval Lifecycle process and plan to gain Agency/California Department of Technology approval to move forward. Project is currently on hold pending outcome of Microsoft Cloud Migration.

Enhance Statewide Procedures

Ensure statewide procedures and policy are used to promote statewide consistency for financial case management
Current Status:  Scheduled to begin in late 2020 or early 2021. 

Critical Success Factors: Project Name includes procedures, policy, training, forums and major system changes. Evaluate short-term interim fixes.

Implement legislative changes

Implement legislative changes to support the Parentage Opportunity Program

Business Problem/Opportunity: Implement legislative changes.

Current Status:  Tasks begun in 2019. 

Transition the Child Support Enforcement System into a cloud-based environment

Transition the current case management system into a cloud-based environment to improve overall structure and security

Business Problem/Opportunity: Microsoft Cloud migration.

Current Status:  Tasks begun in 2019. 

Implement Vendor Service to Distribute Money

Implement a vendor service agreement to receive and distribute child support money to custodial parties

Business Problem/Opportunity: State Disbursement Unit transition.

Current Status:  Tasks begun in 2019. 

Business Outcomes: Defer to late 2020.

Business Continuity Plan Mobile Application (Change Request)

Implement Business Continuity Plan Mobile Application

Business Problem/Opportunity: Business Continuity Plan Mobile Application.

Current Status:  Tasks begun in 2019.  

Business Outcomes: Development of a Business Continuity Plan mobile application provides support teams with the necessary communication and information distribution channel to effectively collaborate with staff and partners during incidents. In addition, this application provides staff a mechanism to communicate and consume information at the inception, triage and remediation stages of an incident at a California Child Support Services facility.