Implement Organization and Program Efficiencies


Develop Process for Measuring Project Benefits

Develop a process to track project success using data and statistics

Business Problem/Opportunity: Implement an enterprise-wide, standard process that includes objective measures to determine the effectiveness of new changes, tools, strategies, and processes.

Current Status: Green circle indicating task has started 98% completed 

Business Outcomes: Support a consistent, enterprise-wide process that follows a specific plan to ensure the components are in place to determine if a change is effective.

Critical Success Factors: Meets objective measurement in capturing the effectiveness of a change. Achieves sustainability where the process can be used for any change in the organization.

Explore Title Agency Registry Access

Explore Title Agency Registry Access

Business Problem/Opportunity: Explore Title Agency Registry Access.

Current Status: Failed 

Business Outcomes: The efforts to explore a statewide child support lien registry did not receive full buy in.

Revise Case Closure Regulations

Revise Case Closure regulations and system processes to comport with the Federal Final Rule regulations

Business Problem/Opportunity: Revise Case Closure Regulations.​

Current Status: Blue circle indicating task will begin in 2020 Scheduled for 2021

Business Outcomes: Program Monitoring and Compliance is conducting reviews of all closure reasons and criteria to inform the design and development of this change request.

Critical Success Factors: Develop criteria of case closure regulations that will comport with Federal Final Rule regulations.

Develop E-Submission for Litigants

Develop electronic submission of child support order information for litigants who are not in the child support system directly to statewide Child Support Case Registry

Business Problem/Opportunity: Develop electronic submission for litigants.

Current Status: Scheduled for 2021

Business Outcomes: Local child support agency submission consists of developing an electronic submission of FL-191 case registry information from litigants directly to California Child Support Services. Pending change Request for required system changes.

Address Outdated Business Applications

Review and determine replacement of outdated computer related business applications

Business Problem/Opportunity: Bring technology of applications up to date to support newer browsers, data validations, and add new features to support new policies and procedures. An efficient database design will increase efficiency for local child support agencies and Program Monitoring and Compliance Unit.

Current Status:  5% completed 

Business Outcomes: Integrate Complaint Resolution Tracking System and the State Hearing Office System into one application, which eliminate duplicate entry at the local child support agency level, and will streamline compliance monitoring at the state level.

Critical Success Factors: New application will be compatible with current browser technology and ensure a compliant tracking system, allows communication between applications, decreases workload for staff at the state and local levels, and increases accuracy and efficiency.

Explore Amending Court Order Rules

Explore amending the rules surrounding the calculation of child support and establishing a court order

Business Problem/Opportunity: Guideline and Establishment of the calculation of child support and establishment of a court order.

Current Status: 100% completed

Business Outcomes: Explore amending statutes and regulations related to California’s guideline formula and IV-Directors establishment processes to ensure orders are set accordingly to legislation.

Critical Success Factors: Ensure orders are set according to a parent’s ability to pay and provide clarity regarding the use of imputed income.

Provide Assistance to Users with Technology Systems

Develop a password management system to provide easy access to various systems while maintaining a required level of security.

Business Problem/Opportunity: Implement Password Manager to allow local child support agencies access to child support systems that requires unique usernames and passwords.

Current Status: Green circle indicating task has started 72% completed 

Business Outcomes: Password Manager will be deployed to all Option 1 local child support agencies.

Critical Success Factors: Training of Password Manager to Option 1 local child support agencies who will be able to use it across different work computers, shared computers, sites and counties. California Child Support Services Help desk will provide post-deployment support. Communication will be assisted by the Organizational Change Management team.

Develop Legal Reference Guide

Develop a legal reference guide for child support attorneys to assist in statewide consistency and best practices.

Business Problem/Opportunity: Establish legal reference guide.

Current Status:  65% completed

Business Outcomes: Ongoing drafting, review, approval, and publication of the legal reference guide.

Critical Success Factors: Assist child support attorneys in statewide consistency and best practices through updated legal reference guide.

Implement Legislative Changes

Implement legislative changes to support the Parentage Opportunity Program

Business Problem/Opportunity: Support the Parentage Opportunity Program to ensure statewide procedures on establishing parentage.

Current Status:  30% completed

Business Outcomes: Implement legislative changes.

Critical Success Factors: Parentage Opportunity Program is compliant with all legislation changes.

Transition the Child Support Enforcement System into a cloud-based environment

Transition the current case management system into a cloud-based environment to improve overall structure and security

Business Problem/Opportunity: Move Child Support Enforcement system to the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud. New platform and infrastructure will help California Child Support Services meet business needs.

Current Status:  44% completed

Business Outcomes: Microsoft Cloud provides faster response and more flexibility to business changes, increase application delivery frequency, and improve security, business continuity, and disaster recovery protection for system recovery. Project will also provide a holistic approach to cloud governance including budget controls to support scaleability.

Critical Success Factors: The Child Support Enforcement system can operate successfully in the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud environment, with response times and security capabilities that meet or exceed business requirements. California Child Support Services technical staff able to support Child Support Enforcement system in the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud.

Implement Vendor Service to Distribute Money

Implement a vendor service agreement to receive and distribute child support money to parents/parties receiving child support.

Business Problem/Opportunity: Complete State Disbursement Unit transition.

Current Status:  100% completed 

Business Outcomes: Completed State Disbursement Unit transition.

Critical Success Factors: Vendor service to handle the receipt and disbursement of child support payments, allowing payments to be made and received faster, easier, and more securely.

Business Continuity Plan Mobile Application (Change Request)

Implement Business Continuity Plan Mobile Application

Business Problem/Opportunity: Develop a Business Continuity Plan mobile application to provide support teams with the necessary communication and information distribution channel to effectively collaborate with staff and partners during incidents.

Current Status: 50% completed  

Business Outcomes: The application can be downloaded to personal devices and department-owned devices, and will operate in an online and offline mode and provide access to communications and information that will support incident-related activities.

Critical Success Factors: The Business Continuity Mobile application, including messaging and communication services, can operate successfully. Updates are published to mobile application in real-time or near real-time. Available in Google Play and Apple applications store for download. Information housed in Business Continuity Mobile application can be accessed independent of California Child Support Services technology.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On

Business Problem/Opportunity: Develop a single sign-on to manage multiple accounts and passwords to access California Child Support Services applications.

Current Status: 5% completed  

Business Outcomes: By consolidating access through a single account and using multi-factor authentication, higher levels of efficiency and security can be achieved for California Child Support Services and local child support agency users.

Critical Success Factors: Implement single sign-on for California Child Support Services and local child support agency users.