Expand the Use and Sharing of Data


2021 Enhance Department to Department Collaboration

Enhance Department to Department Collaboration

Enhance collaboration with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and California Child Support Services to expand interfaces that allow local child support agencies to be proactive in case reviews

Business Problem/Opportunity: Develop automated communication between California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and Child Support Enforcement.

Current Status: 70% completed 

Business Outcomes: Increase collaboration among departments and local child support agencies by expanding interfaces and streamlining communication.

Critical Success Factors: Local child support agencies can manage case reviews with more ease and benefit from expansion of interfaces.

2020 - Improve Collaboration with California Labor and Workforce Development Agency - WITHDRAWN

*Never pursued due to shifting priorities.

Improve collaboration with Workforce Development to better assess and be proactive to customers’ needs

Business Problem/Opportunity: Increase partnership with Workforce Development for the benefit of our customers.

Current Status: Withdrawn/closed

Business Outcomes: Explore the creation of a universal referral form and the ability to share data with our partners such as the California Health and Human Services Agency.

Critical Success Factors: California Child Support Services develops joint efforts with our partners to assist child support participants. Child support participants become more aware and educated about various programs and services that can help them with their needs.