Expand Efforts on Recruitment, Retention and Development of Child Support Professionals


Streamline Hiring

Modernize and streamline the recruitment of future child support professionals, fill positions in a timely fashion, train and develop staff

Business Problem/Opportunity: Create new processes for hiring employees and streamline ways to fill vacancies, finding qualified candidates, and developing staff.

Current Status: 100% completed

Business Outcomes:

  • Reduce time to fill vacancies statewide
  • Implement programs to identify ideal candidates for success
  • Implement hiring process improvements
  • Create a central location for statewide job postings to increase visibility
  • Implement Hiring Automation (Technology Services Division)

Critical Success Factors: Implement programs to identify ideal candidates, decrease the processing time in the recruiting and hiring process.

Increase Collaboration between CA DCSS and LCSA's

Increase collaboration between California Child Support Services and local child support offices through an internship program to understand each other's perspective and work

Business Problem/Opportunity: Strengthen partnership between California Child Support Services and local child support agencies. Increase understanding and appreciation of each other’s work.

Current Status: On hold

Business Outcomes: Create an internship program for state staff to work at local agencies, and/or county or regional subject matter experts to work at state headquarters for short-term or extended periods to assist with collaboration and understanding.

Critical Success Factors: To be the first large scale effort to offer state and regional/local staff internship opportunities.