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Child Support Enforcement Reporting Tool Modernization

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Modernize Child Support Enforcement system and streamline processes and tools

Business Problem/Opportunity: The Child Support Enforcement system currently uses a reporting tool that is approaching product end of life and will need to be upgraded. California Child Support Services has the opportunity to replace the current tool with a modern, integrated product that leverages existing resources.

Current Status: Green circle10% completed

Business Outcomes:

  • Implementation of a supported, secure and modern reporting product
  • Improve user experience
  • Streamline and simplify user management

Critical Success Factors

  • Compatibility with system
  • Successful execution of stored procedures and requirements
  • Successful replication of reporting views

Enhance Demographic Data Interfaces

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Improving the understanding of the department's demographic data

Business Problem/Opportunity: The opportunity to better understand the child support program through multiple demographic lenses, allowing the department to better understand its customers and how future initiatives and decisions will impact the different populations served by the program.

Current Status: Green circle33% completed

Business Outcomes:

  • Research of current demographic data gathering
  • Statewide direction for Statewide Procedures Manual
  • Training to local child support agency training coordinators
  • Tableau dashboard creation 

Critical Success Factors

  • Improved intake of demographic data
  • Improved consistency in demographic data input
2020 - Make Data Available to Local Child Support Agencies - COMPLETED

Make clean and comprehensive data available to California Child Support Services and local child support agencies relating to trends of the child support program.

Business Problem/Opportunity: Develop an Enterprise Data Warehouse that provides comprehensive and fresh data, allows for query and analysis, connects data from various sources to produce a single analytics data source, and helps analytics professionals with interpretating trends and making decisions about the child support program.

Current Status: 100% completed 

Business Outcomes: Improved decision-making and information security. Increased statewide consistency in business process and data understanding. Reduced technical debt, information technology and analytics costs/workloads.

Critical Success Factors: Clearly established roles and responsibilities supporting business-driven data and analytics capabilities. Data is fresh within 24 hours of being updated in the source system. Professionals can self-serve, have access to accurate and standardized data, and can spend more time performing analysis rather than preparing data.

2022 - Create System With Robust Dashboards, Vendor Database and Reporting - COMPLETED

Business Problem/Opportunity: California Child Support Services will migrate data from the State Disbursement Unit vendor’s system and develop dashboards leveraging existing resources.

Current Status: Green circle100% completed

Business Outcomes: Easy access to available data to run reports and create dashboards that increase efficiency and create a more effective business model

Critical Success Factors

  • Creation of dashboards
  • Full extraction and mapping of vendor database and storage under the control of California Child Support Services
  • Flexibility in creation of needed reporting
2020 - Implement Data Analysis Tool - COMPLETED

Implement a tool to analyze data into meaningful information to assist the child support program.

Business Problem/Opportunity: Improve Business Analytics by implementing Tableau statewide, including software installation and training on data retrieval and analysis. Formation of a dedicated statewide business analytics team and improvements in data management and data governance.​

Current Status: 100% completed 

Business Outcomes: Expand the use of automation for reporting and services. Leverage data to support local child support agencies and improve outcomes to families. Tableau’s intuitive interface allows users to self-serve data query needs and interact with business data, reduces dependencies on technology resources, and reduces time to delivering actionable data.

Critical Success Factors: Successful tool implementation. Organizational maturity (Data Governance, Data Literacy). Improved Data Management Disciplines and Capabilities.

2020 - Review Calculation Criteria - COMPLETED

Review the way child support is calculated through business process improvement efforts.

Business Problem/Opportunity: Child Support Guideline Outsource 2018.

Current Status:   100% completed

Business Outcomes: Improved the current process for implementing Guideline Calculator changes through a business process improvement effort to facilitate timely updates to the system.

Critical Success Factors: Timely updates are made to the Guideline Calculator.