Expand Data Analytics


State Disbursement Unit Dashboard Build

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Create system with robust dashboards, vendor database and reporting

Business Problem/Opportunity: California Child Support Services will migrate data from the State Disbursement Unit vendor’s system and develop dashboards leveraging existing resources.

Current Status: Green circle49% completed

Business Outcomes: Easy access to available data to run reports and create dashboards that increase efficiency and create a more effective business model.

Critical Success Factors

  • Creation of dashboards
  • Full extraction and mapping of vendor database and storage under the control of California Child Support Services
  • Flexibility in creation of needed reporting

Child Support Enforcement Reporting Tool Modernization

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Modernize Child Support Enforcement system and streamline processes and tools

Business Problem/Opportunity: The Child Support Enforcement system currently uses a reporting tool that is approaching product end of life and will need to be upgraded. California Child Support Services has the opportunity to replace the current tool with a modern, integrated product that leverages existing resources.

Current Status: Green circle1% completed

Business Outcomes:

  • Implementation of a supported, secure and modern reporting product
  • Improve user experience
  • Streamline and simplify user management

Critical Success Factors

  • Compatibility with system
  • Successful execution of stored procedures and requirements
  • Successful replication of reporting views
2020 - Make Data Available to Local Child Support Agencies - COMPLETED

Make clean and comprehensive data available to California Child Support Services and local child support agencies relating to trends of the child support program.

Business Problem/Opportunity: Develop an Enterprise Data Warehouse that provides comprehensive and fresh data, allows for query and analysis, connects data from various sources to produce a single analytics data source, and helps analytics professionals with interpretating trends and making decisions about the child support program.

Current Status: 100% completed 

Business Outcomes: Improved decision-making and information security. Increased statewide consistency in business process and data understanding. Reduced technical debt, information technology and analytics costs/workloads.

Critical Success Factors: Clearly established roles and responsibilities supporting business-driven data and analytics capabilities. Data is fresh within 24 hours of being updated in the source system. Professionals can self-serve, have access to accurate and standardized data, and can spend more time performing analysis rather than preparing data.

2020 - Implement Data Analysis Tool - COMPLETED

Implement a tool to analyze data into meaningful information to assist the child support program.

Business Problem/Opportunity: Improve Business Analytics by implementing Tableau statewide, including software installation and training on data retrieval and analysis. Formation of a dedicated statewide business analytics team and improvements in data management and data governance.​

Current Status: 100% completed 

Business Outcomes: Expand the use of automation for reporting and services. Leverage data to support local child support agencies and improve outcomes to families. Tableau’s intuitive interface allows users to self-serve data query needs and interact with business data, reduces dependencies on technology resources, and reduces time to delivering actionable data.

Critical Success Factors: Successful tool implementation. Organizational maturity (Data Governance, Data Literacy). Improved Data Management Disciplines and Capabilities.

2020 - Review Calculation Criteria - COMPLETED

Review the way child support is calculated through business process improvement efforts.

Business Problem/Opportunity: Child Support Guideline Outsource 2018.

Current Status:   100% completed

Business Outcomes: Improved the current process for implementing Guideline Calculator changes through a business process improvement effort to facilitate timely updates to the system.

Critical Success Factors: Timely updates are made to the Guideline Calculator.