Expand Customer Self-Service Capabilities


Enhance Customer Portal

Enhance the customer portal experience by updating Customer Connect.

Business Problem/Opportunity: Customer Connect Enhancements (I205, I235).

Current Status: Tasks begun in 2019. 

Business Outcomes: Work with courts to simplify the modification process. Review and revise the adjustment regulations. Provide new online and electronic services for customers to personalize how they interact with the program such as enabling customers to upload scanned documents through mobile devices. Use Focus Groups to identify complex areas of California Child Support Services offerings and utilize findings to reduce complex areas identified. Provide forms in multiple languages to accommodate more customers.

Increase Efficiency of Customer Experience

Utilize technology to deliver self-service options to increase efficiency and the customer experience

Business Problem/Opportunity: Implement workflow automation, such as SimpliGov.

Current Status: Tasks begun in 2019. 

Business Outcomes: Implement self-service solutions for California Child Support Services and local child support agencies to reduce the dependency on all staff.

New Methods of Paying

Explore options to increase self-service options to meet child support obligations

Business Problem/Opportunity: Expand, promote and assess payment methods.

Current Status: Tasks begun in 2019. 

Business Outcomes: Expand placement of kiosks to provide easier access to customers and explore new kiosk features, i.e. bulk note bill feeders. Explore new payment options (Venmo, Apple Pay, e-check, etc.), extend TouchPay kiosk availability to 24/7, and support credit/debit card payments made on point-of-sale/handheld devices. Develop Touch Pay Decrypt Interface to utilize QR codes to quickly process “walk-ins”.

Critical Success Factors: Decreased transaction times measured by transaction data. Increased access to payment options measured by usage of new options and surveys to customers.