Expand Customer Self-Service Capabilities


Increase Efficiency of Customer Experience

Utilize technology to deliver self-service options to increase efficiency and the customer experience

Business Problem/Opportunity: Implement workflow automation to provide consistency in Executive level review and approval. Develop application to archive, search, or retrieve documents in the review and approval process.

Current Status:  100% completed 

Business Outcomes: Implement self-service solutions for California Child Support Services and local child support agencies to reduce the dependency on all staff. Reduce time to route, review, and edit Executive level documents. Provide a consistent, centralized and searchable repository for workflow documentation.

Critical Success Factors: Successfully pass federal and state programs and fiscal compliance every year.

New Methods of Paying

Explore options to increase self-service options to meet child support obligations

Business Problem/Opportunity: Explore methods to increase self-service payment options to meet business needs.​

Current Status: 11% completed 

Business Outcomes: Support Credit/Debit Card payments made on point-of-sale/handheld devices. Expand placement of kiosks to provide easier access to customers. Explore new kiosk features (bulk note bill feeders). Explore new payment options (Venmo, Apple Pay, e-check).

Critical Success Factors: Decreased transaction times (measured by transaction data). Increased access to payment options (measured by usage of new options and surveys to customers).