Expand Customer Self-Service Capabilities


Queue Management System Kiosks

Implement a check-in management system that is unique and beneficial to the child support and court processes

Business Problem/Opportunity: Provide a check-in management system that is specific to both the child support and court processes and has integration with Child Support Enforcement to provide real-time case information.

Current Status: 30% completed 

Business Outcomes:

  • Ongoing rollout of the Queue Management System kiosk to courts and county offices based on readiness
  • Integration with Child Support Enforcement to current access/validation of selective participant data

Critical Success Factors:

  • Reduction in customer check-in times
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Development of Mobile Application

30 percent bar

With the development of a mobile application, improve customer service and offer features that satisfy co-parenting needs

Business Problem/Opportunity: California Child Support Services seeks to offer more flexibility to assist parents in their co-parenting efforts. By providing customers with tailored services through a mobile application and the ability to manage their own account, California Child Support Services hopes to improve customer service to current program participants and attract a new population of participants that will now have access to features that better meet their co-parenting needs.

Current Status: 36% completed 

Business Outcomes: Development of mobile application that:

  • Increases customer engagement by providing mobile access, 24/7 365 days, to co-parenting services at no cost to users
  • Improves customer service to current program participants
  • Attracts a new population of child support participants with features that better meet their co-parenting needs
  • Expands the potential to increase caseloads and collections
  • Reduces case work at the local child support agency level by providing program participants access to online self-service tools

Critical Success Factors:

  • Publication of mobile application on application store for both ioS and Android devices
  • Active download, installation and use of mobile application
2020 - Increase Efficiency of Customer Experience - COMPLETED

Utilize technology to deliver self-service options to increase efficiency and the customer experience.

Business Problem/Opportunity: Implement workflow automation to provide consistency in Executive level review and approval. Develop application to archive, search, or retrieve documents in the review and approval process.

Current Status:  100% completed 

Business Outcomes: Implement self-service solutions for California Child Support Services and local child support agencies to reduce the dependency on all staff. Reduce time to route, review, and edit Executive level documents. Provide a consistent, centralized and searchable repository for workflow documentation.

Critical Success Factors: Successfully pass federal and state programs and fiscal compliance every year.

2020 - New Methods of Paying - COMPLETED

Explore options to increase self-service options to meet child support obligations.

Business Problem/Opportunity: Explore methods to increase self-service payment options to meet business needs.​

Current Status: 100% completed

Business Outcomes: Support Credit/Debit Card payments made on point-of-sale/handheld devices. Expand placement of kiosks to provide easier access to customers. Explore new kiosk features (bulk note bill feeders). Explore new payment options (Venmo, Apple Pay, e-check).

Critical Success Factors: Decreased transaction times (measured by transaction data). Increased access to payment options (measured by usage of new options and surveys to customers).

2021 - Enhancement of Customer Connect Platform - COMPLETED

Enhance Customer Connect platform to better protect user identification and password

Business Problem/Opportunity: Update the login and authentication method for the Customer Connect website to better align with current information security best practices and employ the strongest authentication methods possible to protect participant data form unauthorized access or disclosure.

Current Status: green check mark100% completed

Business Outcomes:

  • Participants can choose unique private user identification and create strong passwords
  • Participants can enroll in multi-factor authentication
  • Appropriate logging to support real-time threat detection

Critical Success Factors:

  • Deployment of multi-factor authentication on all Customer Connect accounts
  • Deployment of unique identification on all Customer Connect accounts
  • Deployment of unique passwords on all Customer Connect accounts