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As employers, you are one of our closest partners, with an important role in helping ensure families get the financial and medical support they need. More than 70% of all child support collections are through payroll deductions.

If you have questions or need assistance you can contact us at any time as we are here to better serve you.

Income Withholding Orders for Support (IWO)

Employers may be served an Income Withholding Order (IWO) by a California local child support agency, by another state’s child support agency, or by a private party.

From a Child Support Agency: Cases managed by child support agencies in any state are called “4-D” cases, referring to Title IV-D of the Federal Social Security Act, the law that created Child Support Services agencies. These IWOs are issued by the child support agency and do not require a judge’s signature.

Private Cases: If the case is not being managed through a child support agency, the family court will issue the IWO. This is called a “Non-4-D” case. In this circumstance, you the employer will be served with the documentation by a private party, either the person who will be receiving the support or that person’s representative.

Your Role: The employer’s responsibility is the same in both types of cases except on one point. Since Non-4-D orders do not originate within the child support system, the California State Disbursement Unit, which processes all child support payments, needs additional information to assure the payment is processed accurately. Download the Employer Checklist for Processing IWOs for a handy tool to keep track of the steps required from all employers.  The IWO form is in the Employer Forms box to the left.

See the Employer Handbook for more information on income withholding.

Health Insurance

By law, every order for child support must include a Medical Support Order for health insurance. If an employee or independent contractor has an order to pay child support and is eligible for health insurance, his or her children must be enrolled in the employer’s health insurance plan even if the employee declines his or her own personal health coverage. 

Medical Support Orders may be for a specific dollar amount included on the IWO, or as an order for health insurance.  If the order is not for a specific dollar amount, you as the employer will receive a National Medical Support Notice. This is a standard federal form that all state child support agencies use. The Notice may accompany an IWO, or it may be sent separately.

Receive Income Withholding Orders Electronically (e-IWO)

Federal law requires that employers have the option of receiving IWOs electronically.  California uses the federal e-IWO Process to save you time and money!