Employer Covid-19 Updates


California Child Support Services is taking all steps possible to reduce the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on our participants and partners.  We are strongly encouraging employers to sign up to remit your child support payments electronically to help eliminate potential delays in processing child support payments via paper check.

The options below are available immediately:

  • EFT – ACH Credit (Electronic Funds Transfer by Automated Clearing House):   This service allows employers to instruct their financial institution to automatically transmit child support payments, along with child support income withholding data, using the ACH network.  For details on utilizing this payment method, consult the California SDU to enroll in EFT or for assistance email us.
  • EFT – ACH Debit or by Credit Card:   This service allows employers to make payments by electronic debit from a checking or savings account, or with a Visa or MasterCard credit card. To enroll in EFT online, visit the State Disbursement Unit page, select Employer, and click on Make a Payment.  
  • Bulk-File Upload: The California State Disbursment Unit also offers Bulk-File Upload capabilities for employers with multiple employees and/or independent contractors with IWOs. The bulk upload option is free and no software application is needed.  For assistance, e-mail our help desk.

If you have additional questions, please visit the Office of Child Support Enforcement employer’s website.  You may also e-mail the Employer Services Team at employerservices@acf.hhs.gov .