COVID-19 Updates

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, California Child Support Services realizes the impact this is likely to have on case participants.  We know that for some of you, the need for financial support for your children will continue or increase. Paying parents may be experiencing the financial hardship of lost wages and worrying about the penalties for missed payments.


Communication Options: 

  • Email: You can email your caseworker directly through Customer Connect.  Log in now
  • Text: You can enable texting options through your Customer Connect account.  Log in now.
  • Automated Phone Line (access in your area may depend on county closures) 1-866-901-3212

Please do not communicate through social media as this does not protect your privacy.  Bookmark this page and we will continue to update it throughout this emergency with the best information we have from our partners and other agencies.

April 3, 2020:  If you have been financially impacted by covid-19, visit the Governor’s covid-19 response page. There you will find a summary of the programs available to assist Californians during this state of emergency.

April 1, 2020: Many California agencies are developing programs to help people financially affected by the business shutdowns associated with the covid-19 pandemic.  The Small Business Administration website offers information on loans and other assistance, and the Employment Development Department maintains a page with the latest updates on unemployment benefits for workers and assistance for employers.

April 1, 2020: See below for the most recent list of confirmed office closures.  You can still contact your caseworker through Customer Connect.

Butte County – Closed to public.

Central Sierra (Alpine, Amador, Calaveras and Tuolumne counties) – Closed to public.

Contra Costa County – Closed to public, kiosk available.

Del Norte County – Closed to public.

Eastern Sierra (Inyo and Mono counties) – Closed to public, Inyo kiosk available.

Fresno County – Closed to public.

Glenn County – Closed to public.

Humboldt/Trinity County – Closed to public, kiosks available form 10 AM to 3 PM, Monday through Friday.

Imperial County – Closed to public.

Kern County – Closed to public, Bakersfield kiosk available.

Kings County – Closed to public.

Lake County – Closed to public, kiosk available.

Lassen County – Closed to public.

Los Angeles County – Closed to public.

Madera County – Closed to public, kiosk available.

Marin County – Closed to public.

Merced/Mariposa County – Closed to public.

Orange County – Closed to public.

Placer County – Closed to public.

Plumas County – Closed to public.

Riverside County – Closed to public, kiosk available.

Sacramento County – Closed to public, kiosk available.

San Bernardino County – Closed to public.

Santa Barbara County – Closed to public.

Santa Clara County – Closed to public.

Santa Cruz/San Benito Counties – Closed to public, Santa Cruz kiosk available.

Shasta County – Closed to public.

Siskiyou/Modoc Counties – Closed to public.

Solano County – Closed to public.

Sonoma County – Closed to public.

Stanislaus County – Closed to public.

Sutter County – Closed to public.

Tehama County – Closed to public.

Tulare County – Closed to public, kiosk available.

Ventura County – Closed to public.

Yolo County – Closed to public.

Yuba County – Closed to public.

March 30, 2020:  We continue to work with our courts, which are also heavily impacted by covid-19 closures, to advance modifications for child support orders during this difficult time.  Please be aware that response times on court actions are suffering delays, but if you have been affected financially you should still talk to a caseworker to get the process started.

March 27, 2020:  Today, Congress passed the CARES Act, which will provide stimulus payments to citizens to assist with the economic impacts of this pandemic. The federal government has not provided final information about the implementation of this stimulus at this time. We will be monitoring the implementation of this legislation in partnership with the IRS and the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, and will provide more information when it is received.

March 24: Please be aware that for the duration of the covid-19 emergency, child support offices will not be conducting genetic testing at their locations as staff do not have the appropriate equipment to protect their health and that of customers.  Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.

March 23:  Please download this information sheet with important information for both child support payers and recipients.  

Covid-19 Child Support Info

Covid-19 Child Support Espanol

March 19, 2020:  Several California counties have issued “shelter in place” orders for residents, and certain services may be impacted or delayed. Be assured that ensuring families get the child support they need in a timely fashion is our first priority.  Please check your county website for the latest updates on service interruptions before visiting your local office.

March 17, 2020: If you receive your support by paper check, please consider the following options immediately:

  1. Enroll in Direct Deposit, or;
  2. Request an Electronic Payment Card (EPC).

Coronavirus safety precautions may impact the State Disbursement Unit mailroom and the time it takes to process paper payments. 

March 17, 2020: Effective today the automated actions for Bank Levy and Driver’s License suspensions have been shut down.  If you receive notification of either of these actions, please contact the child support agency handling your case right away.  Your best communication options are listed below.

March 16, 2020: California Child Support Services is stopping the bank levy and driver’s license automated enforcement actions during this time of crisis.  Note that while these suppressions will take effect tomorrow, there may be instances where actions were already in the process and would need to be addressed with the agency handling your case.

If you are unable to pay child support due to quarantine, self-isolation or layoffs, your first step is to request a “review and adjustment,” also called a “modification.”  We can get you the paperwork right away, so reach out to your local office – see below for communications options during county closures.  If you and the other parent can agree, we can help you stipulate to change your child support order for the duration of this emergency.

Although your order remains in place unless modified, we can work with you not only to modify, but on how we would collect the order. PLEASE reach out to your caseworker with the details of your situation – California Child Support Services continues to work hard to ensure business moves forward even if local offices close.

The State Disbursement Unit remains fully operational during this time. The state automated phone system at 866-901-3212 is also operational, though County office closures could impact your ability to reach your local office through that number.